Summer Breeze Collection

We closed our eyes for a minute or two and imagined the encounter of the sunbeam illuminating fabrics and the summer wind that caresses gently; with this image and feeling in mind, we immediately knew what the collection's mood would be. It heralds goodness and contentment, freshness and homeliness.

Soft and pleasant fabrics, sheer and shiny, with a bright color that seeks nature and freedom. Green, bronze, off-white, navy blue, and white

We wear these pieces when hosting a morning cocktail or a pleasant dinner with our loved ones.

These are the pieces suitable for sitting by the pool, as the sun's summer rays meet the silk with the MICU print and create a soft and pure glow, a beautiful shine that illuminates the clothes and purifies them.

These pieces are so precisely made with extreme care, maintaining the quality of the material and elite handmade sewing, the kind of pieces that will always remain relevant and contemporary.


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