Spiritual Awakening Collection

Reddish brown, golden deep yellow, burgundy as the color of the plum merge into a strong and deep color with the gray sky. A feeling that the whole world is going through something cosmic and huge, it is not known when its end will come.


Micu's winter Inspirations

In the Middle Ages when aristocratic families were established, new kingdoms arose, the combination of classical culture, religious influences and the new order created a new model of society.

These inspirations brought with them a collection with tailored and classic cuts made of top meticulously sewing, alongside loose cuts with the MICU print. High collars, puffy and sculpted sleeves 

in the color palette warm colors of gold, chocolate brown with a touch of purple, beige, gray, whites and midnight blue. 

The fabrics in the collection are in different textures, woolen fabrics of different thicknesses, satin silk and cotton. Patches with embroidery of the MICU logo sewn by hand on the clothing items.


We invite you to explore the Spiritual Awakening Collection

MICU's chosen outfits