Royal Portrait Collection

MICU’s inspirations are taken from the world of royal portraits of Renaissance art, the royal family, and modern architectural arcs, old and new. MICU gets its inspiration from one powerful woman. The mother lioness. The one who decided to take her dream and make it come true.

The first winter collection of MICU has all of these worlds. Michal and Inbar daringly used the designing elements which were taken from the sewn sketches of Michal’s mother Hanna, and are expressed in a range of beautiful items of silk and woolen blouses, woolen feminine, tailored dresses, tailored trousers, classic skirts, printed satin scarves with MICU print, a big cape made of Italian Mohair yarn and a hand made fez/tarbush

All items are salon sewn combined with a handmade finish. Precisely made turtlenecks and slightly puffed sleeves. Colorfulness ranges from warm colors to cooler ones, off-white, khaki, bronze, corral, deep blue, and dark greys.


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